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By and for those living, working, or matriculating in University Hills 90032.
Send in your news, notes, projects, suggestions, business information, requests, task adoptions, stores, ....
Tell us about some of the things you are doing to keep our neighborhood sparkling.

University Hills 90032           (UH90032)
(a corner of El Sereno, a part of Los Angeles, a part of California, a part of USA, a part of earth, a part of solar system, a part of Milky Way galaxy, a part of universe)
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That joy may increase in our corner of the world! 
Neighbors caring for neighbors in University Hills 90032
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Gathering ideas
  • [ ] Business card, simple:
  • [ ] Kite with
  • [ ] Article in The Voice
  • [ ] Google Add Site
  • [ ] CSULA newspaper, article
  • [ ] Hello, .... SandwichMan:   Walk the neighborhood with sign.
  • [ ] Imprinted gloves:
  • [ ] Picker-up tool with imprint:
  • [ ] Have "1+" bags imprinted with "1+"    gem of
Ideas? Send them in!
  • Street game?
  • Puzzle depicting University Hills 90032 ?
  • Birds sited from University Hills?
  • Coyote sightings have occurred. How is that going recently?
  • Vistas from the hills?  What do you see?  Where are you standing?  Telescopes? Binoculars?
  • Aircraft routes notices around University Hills 90032.
  • Vicious-dog map?  
  • Luguna Channel history?  Luguna Channel is classified as a Stream in Los Angeles County, California.
    • Elevation: 295 Feet above MSL  (90 Meters)   Where is the source of the headwaters of the stream?  Is the stream polluted? Sources of the pollution? 
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  • Our walk score:
  • [ ] Dec. 2013 note:  Heidleman Rd. Stairway? What is the agreement with Los Angeles City?  Who maintains the stairs? What are the needs of the stairway?  Repair?  Williams Place to O'Sullivan Dr.   Many students and residents use the stairway. Part of the stairway is concrete; part is wood. There are some steps that definitely need repair. Who might adopt the debris cleaning, as the City's schedule is not adequate to keep the quality of living at the stairway up.  0.064 mi  is a measure about the stairs.

     "Heidleman Stairway: 234 stairs
    Lower end: 5010 Williams Pl
    Upper end: across from 4948 O'Sullivan
    Type: concrete
    Parking: Limited parking along N Marianna Ave
    Note: Info from "A Guide to the Public Stairways of Los Angeles" p.59, stairs #21."

  • [ ]  What is the proper name for the stairway up from Beatie Place. The stairs connects Bohlig Rd. to Lafler Rd.  The path could be better developed. Wood stairs at its start and finish; there is a section with no stairs, just dirt.  It is an important connector to CSULA as well as a good path for many neighbors.  What are the notes in Planning on this path/stairway?  Beatie Place Stairs-Bohlig Rd. to Lafler Rd   [site misspells one of our streets. The site states "26 stairs" but much of the path is without stairs, just inclined dirt.]

  • Stairs that reach up to Seigneur
  • Signs for University Hills:
    • Valley west end of UH on north side,   /Signs/UHatWestEndonValleyOnNorth.jpg
    • Valley at Block on north side,    /Signs/UHatBlockPlaceOnValleyBlvdOnNorthside.jpg
    • Lansdowne at Paseo,  /Signs/UHonLansdowneAtPaseoRachoCastilla.jpg
    • entrance on Eastern,
  • Billboards
    • On Valley Blvd.   Is the density higher than Los Angeles ordinance allows?  Find out. Anyone?
      • On wall of business at Block, seen by east-going traffic
      • At light at Block.  Two large set for east viewing and west viewing.
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Miscellaneous ideas sent in:
  • [ ] Repair wood handrail on the Beatie stairs
  • [ ] Ask people to care for the section of alley that is behind their house or business. Thank you!
  • [ ] Repair grabbers
  • [ ] Repair parts for lids to sanitation containers.
  • [ ] Marijuana plastics strewn on Valley and elsewhere. Ask the dealers to ask their patrons to properly dispose of the plastic containers and bags.
  • [ ] Volunteers are needed in January and February to uproot any and all found goathead-thorn plans on Valley Blvd. RR yard and elsewhere. Let's stop that plants that hurts people, animals, tires, areas. puncturevine, Tribulus terrestris    "these seeds can remain dormant for up to five years."   So, a five-year effort is needed!      One idea: foam roller to collect the seeds; fewer seeds and fewer young plants that will be needed to uproot.   Idea: Surface scraper that scrapes the young plant before it matures. "an old piece of carpet, slid along the ground, to help pick seeds up"
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